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Welcome to Inline Rehabilitation Centre! Inline provides physical rehabilitation services to individuals involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and to individuals with extended health care insurance benefits. Inline is a team of healthcare professionals working together with one shared vision - exceptional patient care. Our healthcare team specializes in the non-surgical traditional management of all body injuries. Our team is capable of correcting the initial problem, improving your overall performance, while maximizing your health and wellbeing.


Our mission is to provide innovative and individualized musculoskeletal care for physical injuries, performance improvement, psychological therapy and overall wellbeing to patients of all ages in the Greater Toronto Area. Our goal is to provide all our patients with a better quality of life and pre-injury lifestyle.


Our rehabilitation centre is a multidisciplinary clinic that prides itself in providing all patients with the best available treatment methods and techniques to maximize patient outcomes. Each treatment plan is individually customized to the patient's needs.

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Upon entering our rehabilitation centre, we will greet you and welcome you as a member of our "family" at Inline. We will assist you  and address all questions or concerns you may have. Next, you will meet with one of our doctors to discuss your health related problems and your potential treatment options. 


The Initial examination is performed by one of our qualified Health Care Practitioners. Your initial visit is designed to learn more about you, your condition(s) and your expectation in order to determine whether the treatment service available in our facility will meet your goals.


Upon  patients consent, treatment will began at the same day of the initial appointment. This may include spinal adjustments, massage, physiotherapy, laser/acupuncture, ultrasound treatment, remedial exercise program and more. Treatment is interactive with you, so you can express any concerns you may have about the style you will be most comfortable with.

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