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What do I do after a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)?


If you have recently been injured in a car accident, it is important to make an appointment for an assessment at Inline Rehabilitation Centre. We will assist you in contacting your auto insurance provider to file the report and get the claim started.



What will happen on your first visit?


On your first visit, we will evaluate your function, pain, severity of injury, and prescribe the appropriate treatment program. We can help with all aspects of treatment, including filling out paper work, claim submission, imaging, and medical services as required.



What are the most common injuries in a Motor Vehicle Accident?


The majority of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident include whiplash, and other muscular strains and/or ligament sprains involving regions such as the shoulder, lower back, mid back, elbow, hip and knee, anxiety, stress and post traumatic psychological disorder . The full range of MVA injuries treated at Inline Rehabilitation Centre include soft tissue, minor injury, fractures and catastrophic injuries.



How can these injuries be effectively and quickly treated?


Often patients who sustain multiple injuries in car accidents will not experience the full extent of their injuries until several days or even weeks following the accident. At Inline Rehabilitation Centre, we take a multi-disciplinary approach using physiotherapy, chiropractic, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, electro-modalities, occupational and massage therapy, to effectively address these physical injuries. Each patient receives an individualized assessment and treatment plan aimed at optimal recovery.



How do I pay for my treatments?


According to the Insurance laws that govern Ontario, the MVA patient must first use any Extended Health Benefits offered through their employer, school or self-directed plan to pay for treatment. Once this coverage is exhausted, the auto insurer will then fully cover treatment for a minimum of 12 weeks. Our staff will help assist you with the completion of all the necessary forms required to coordinate payments from your insurance providers.



What are the benefits of treatment?


All patients who have been injured in an MVA are entitled to at least 12 weeks of rehabilitation as well as many other medical goods and services. Our trained clinic staff will help restore you to your pre-accident state by coordinating a personalized multi-disciplinary treatment plan.



Do I need a referral from my insurance company or medical doctor to receive treatment for my MVA injuries?


No. Chiropractors are primary health care providers and are readily accessed.



If I undergo care, will my insurance rates increase?


No. Your rates will not increase as a result of an injury claim only.



How much will care cost?


In the Province of Ontario all insured persons injured in a motor vehicle accident have the right to seek treatment. Pre-approved funding within The Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) sets out the goods and services that will be paid for by your motor vehicle insurer without prior approval at a maximum amount of $2,200.00.



I was involved in an accident, and had little stiffness the next day, is it worthwhile to undergo care?


YES. In a number of instances there is a delayed onset of symptoms that can take weeks to show up after a seemingly innocent fender-bender. A thorough examination will help clarify a need for care or not.



How soon can I come in for an appointment?


We know that you need to be seen promptly after an accident. We can usually see you within 24 hours. We also see patients by appointment, so that you have our undivided time.  



How long is the first appointment?


In your first appointment you will meet with out health care provider. Medical history will be taken  and  detailed physical examination performed during that first visit, so your appointment is approximately 1-2 hours long, depending on the extent of your injuries. 



Will I have physical therapy at my first visit?


Yes, if the doctor refers you to physical therapy. The first visit is for a full medical evaluation with development of a treatment plan. 



What should I bring with me to my first visit?


Please bring:

1) a copy of the police or accident report or incident number if you have one.

2) valid Ontario Insurance information (pink slip) 

3) your health insurance card, and driver's license or other identification.



Will I have physical therapy or chiropractic treatment?


We offer both physical therapy and chiropractic treatments, often in combination. Our health care provider will explain what types of treatment may work best for you, given your specific injuries.



What if I need transportation?


Inline Rehabilitation Centre provides a taxi service for patients in the GTA. If you are interested in this service, please let us know when you call for your first appointment or speak with one of our front desk staff.



How will my regular doctor know about my treatment?


We make every effort to coordinate our care with your family physician. This includes sending your doctor a detailed summary of your care at the time of your discharge and during your treatment, contacting your doctor if any unusual situations arise.



Have I been in an “accident” as defined by the policy?


As long as the ordinary (and not in any way illegal or improper) use or operation of a motor vehicle is the root cause of why you have become injured, you are likely eligible for assistance under the Accident Benefits (Section B) portion of your Ontario Automobile Insurance Policy.

Should you hurt yourself while filling your vehicle with gas, scraping off the ice or even attaching a trailer to it, or as a pedestrian you are just as eligible for help as if you had been involved in a collision with someone else.



Does fault matter?


NO. If you are in a single vehicle incident by yourself, or if you cause a motor vehicle collision, you are still eligible for accident benefits medical treatment.


Whose policy do I go through?

-If you are a pedestrian, cyclist or a passenger in someone else's car and have your own insurance the claim will be processed trough your insurance. 

-If you do not have an insurance of your own, you would seek help from the insurer of the vehicle that you were in or one of the vehicle(s) involved that led to your injury (if you are a pedestrian or cyclist).

-If you are in an accident with a vehicle you use for work, talk to your employer.

-If you are a minor, student or simply dependent on someone else who owns a car insurance, you will need to claim through that policy (usually your parents or a spouse).

-If you are a pedestrian hit by an uninsured driver or were involved in hit and run accident, your claim will be processed trough Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.



Will making a claim affect my premiums?


NO. Accident Benefit claims are non-ratable by Insurers. DO NOT DELAY in contacting your Insurance Company to tell them of an injury to you or a loved one over fear of your rates going up, as any unreasonable delay could affect your coverage(s)and legal rights. 



What kind of assistance is available to me?


You may be eligible to obtain the following if you are substantially disabled from carrying on with your pre-accident responsibilities and tasks. 

  • Income Replacement Benefits

  • Caregiver Benefits

  • Non-Earner Benefits

  • Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefits

  • Attendant Care Benefits

  • Medical & Rehabilitation Benefits





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