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Having been involved in a car accident (MVA) or in a slip and fall accident  can be a very traumatic experience with lifelong disabilities. The best advice for an injured person and the key to ensuring the quickest and most effective recovery possible, with the necessary compensation from your insurance provider is through proper health care facility and legal advice immediately following the accident.


If you, or someone you know, have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact us immediately for a comprehensive medical assessment for treatment of any immediate injuries.

We’ll provide you with a free consultation, to help with processing your claim and supporting your recovery.



Onset of symptoms and insurance claim deadlines:


Pain, discomfort and other symptoms often do not appear immediately after an accident. In most cases it can take hours, days or even weeks before symptoms present themselves even though the damage was done at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, many insured persons are unaware of the fact deadlines exist when it comes to processing a claim for Accident Benefits with your motor vehicle insurance provider.  It is imperative to get properly assessed immediately following an accident .


Here are some deadlines to keep in mind:


· You must notify your Insurance Provider of an accident immediately following the collision or within seven days.

· You must complete and submit your forms for an Accident Benefits claim within 30 days of receiving the package from your Insurance..

· You have 2 years from the date of the accident to sue the responsible driver to recover various types of damages (financial compensation).


Also bear in mind it is best not to engage in discussions with your insurance provider regarding the extent of injuries prior to getting properly assessed by a health care practitioner.



Your initial assessment:


In the Province of Ontario all insured persons injured in a motor vehicle accident have the right to seek treatment.  Pre-approved funding within The Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) sets out the goods and services that will be paid for by your motor vehicle insurer without prior approval at a maximum amount of $2,200.00, provided that the insured person sustained a "minor injury," and the Treatment Confirmation Form (OCF-23) is submitted within 10 business days of the initial visit with the regulated health practitioner.  This amount also includes your initial assessment.  The total amount available for treatment to an injured party within this guideline is $3500.00. The remaining amount of $1,300.00 will require your insurance approval. 



Pre-existing conditions and Duration of treatment:


A pre-existing injury or medical condition may exclude you from this guideline.  If the health care practitioner is able to determine compelling evidence that a pre-existing illness or injury may exclude you from the MIG and qualify you for goods and services under the severe injury limit of $65,000.00.  


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